From the Desk of Sebastian Danger: The Life and Times of Rebecca Elizabeth Danger

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From the Desk of Sebastian Danger: The Life and Times of Rebecca Elizabeth Danger Empty From the Desk of Sebastian Danger: The Life and Times of Rebecca Elizabeth Danger

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You’re ready for this, assured Sebastian. He’s been thinking about doing this for a little while. However, as Rebecca’s end date was nearing, there was no time to waste. Taking a few deep breaths, Sebastian entered his sister’s hospital room. Fortunately, the island of Genosha was hospitable enough to house Becca for her final weeks. The room itself was a beautiful one. If only she were surrounded in this beauty for the full time of her illness. “Seb, is that you?” Becca smiled weakly, “Come in, you little scamp.” Sebastian obeyed, pulling a chair towards her bedside. “How ya doin’, sis?” Sebastian asked.  “I’m doing fine,” she assured, “I like your new outfit.” At this, she coughed a couple times. Clearing her throat, presumed the mutant brother. “Thanks…I had it tailored in order to make me look the slightest bit cool,” Sebastian assured, “What do you think of my campaign?” Becca’s smile slowly vanished, pondering the question. “While I do not completely agree with your methods,” she answered, “I understand your motives. However, they stem from hurt.” “Yes,” Sebastian said solemnly. He tapped his laptop’s space bar a few times. “I have a question,” he finally stated, gathering his courage, “Before you…” At this, he prevented himself from saying the word, although they both knew what the word was. “Can I write a small history of the origin of your powers? I want a source of strength when you pass.” Becca chuckled, “Of course.” Sitting up, she proposed, “You know, this also ties into the death of Dad, too. Maybe it may help you get closer to him as well.” Sebastian sat back, “May every word you speak be transcribed onto my laptop.” Reaching over for her glass of milk, Becca took a sip. “Let’s get started, shall we?”

From the Desk of Sebastian Julian Danger: The Life and Times of Rebecca Elizabeth Danger (1992 – 2016)

Staring at the date, Sebastian let a tear drop from his eye. However, he chose to press on. “Please, begin.”

Becca Danger. Though she may have been only been twenty-four at the date of her passing, she had enough years to make a big enough impact in the human and mutant communities alike. To many of you, she was simply the sister of Sebastian Danger. However, to Sebastian, she was more than that. Becca was his mentor and best friend. In many cases, she was there when no one else would. Upon the entire opinion of mutant supremacy and mutant co-existence, she was an advocate for the latter. Though she was closeted in her youth, she became more vocal about her uniqueness later in life. Though her condition may have proven to be her downfall, Rebecca maintained a strong-willed approach to her demise.

Rebecca Elizabeth Danger was born on September 30th, 1992 to Julian and Camila Danger in the city of El Paso, Texas. However, due to the frequency of anti-mutant riots that risked the safety of Julian Danger, the family moved to Houston, Texas. In this town, Rebecca Danger grew up to become simply Becca Danger. This little girl grew to become a blessing to everyone that she encountered. She attended Jane Long Middle School when she discovered her ability of Biological Manipulation. This was exhibited first in her 8th grade year.

Looking up from his computer, he heard Becca cough a couple times. “Are you all right, sis?” Sebastian inquired. “I’m fine, kid,” Becca assured, “At this point, I’ll be giving you exact quotes. Therefore, whenever you hear me change my voice, you’ll know.” Nodding, Sebastian’s nose returned to the laptop.

“Final year of Middle School,” grinned Rebecca. Gripping her backpack strap with one hand, and her mp3 player in the other, she flipped on the first song on the playlist.  Eight lines of heavy guitar riffs played through the first ten seconds, before the singer warned, “And I’m Moooore than you bargained for yet. I’ve….been dying to tell you anything….” Fall Out Boy. She wasn’t too accustom to the sound, but it had been stuck in her head for weeks. As she strolled slowly through the school’s hallways, Becca noticed a common trend in the students. They either sported flannel and jeans or the proper school uniforms. As the song switched to Ne-Yo’s So Sick, Becca noticed that there were even more couples than she expected. With a slight scoff, she made it to her homeroom class. Looking around, she realized that a few of the classmates were getting upon the case of a new student who had an extravagant case of acne. Poor guy, Becca thought when passing by, it’s a shame that he’s the target. Soon, the girls began fainting for some reason. Looking at the new kid, he realized that the array of pimples that adorned his face had vanished. With a shrug, she answered, “Miracle, maybe?” At this, she sat down, prepared to start the year.

As the bell rang, all of the students in the room began pouring out of the room. As Rebecca strolled out of the door, she was forcibly shoved out the door by a bulkier girl behind her. As she turned upon her back, she realized that she was one of the girls that was making fun of the new kid. What was distinctive was her icy glare and straight, blond hair. The best way to describe her was Veronica Mars as a teenager. “Move, bitch,” the girl demanded. Becca, gripping the floor, retorted, “Really? You’re doing the elementary act for what? Attention or power?” The girl folded her arms, answering, “I’ve got classes to be at, so move it before I mess up that pretty little face of yours.” At this, she showcased her nails. Polished. Long. Chartreuse. “Nice nails, witch,” Becca smirked, “Were you the understudy to Calypso in Pirates of the Carribean?” Stepping towards her, the girl placed her heel on Becca’s chest. “Try me,” grinned she. At this time, the homeroom teacher came to pull her off. “Margaret,” she admonished, “What the hell are you doing? BOTH of you are going to be late for your next class.” Spitting on Becca, Margaret finished with, “See you at lunch, cunt.”  Prepping her hand for a punch, Becca replied, “You know those pimples that the kid had? I wish that you can fuckin’ get those.” With that, her fist connected to her face, taking Margaret out. “Rebecca Danger,” yelled the teacher in shock, “That’s thirty minutes of detention.” Scoffing this idea, Rebecca flipped off the girl on the floor, before heading towards her next class: Algebra I.

“AHHHHHHHHH!,” screamed one of Margaret’s superficial friends, “Your face!” The whole cafeteria turned to see the blonde bitch covered in a hideous pattern of red pimples. “Damn,” Becca called out, “You need to cover that up, Veronica.” Margaret, hands at her side, pointed at Becca, “You! You fuckin’ cursed me, you…you…MUTANT!” Becca grinned, “Oh? How can you prove a shitty statement like that?” Margaret retorted, “You told me to get the weird kid’s pimples. My girlfriends can attest to the fact that my face was perfect when I came to class.” Margaret stormed over to Becca, striking her across the face. “You see?” she established, “You did this!” As Becca lied upon the floor, she turned her face to her oppressor. “If I can do this ‘thing’ that you propose, then I hope that you would choke on your own tongue,” Becca wished. Margaret stood silently for a second, before laughing. “Little witch girl’s trying to do it again,” called out Margaret’s friend, “Athletes? Stomp her.” Pretty soon, the whole class rushed at Becca. “Huh?” Becca questioned, looking at the wave of students charging her, “First day, and the whole class is against me?” Picking herself up, she hopped over lunch tables and past forests of arms in order to reach the exit door. Almost…there…, she thought.  As her hands reached the metal bar, Becca knew that she was home safe.

Sprinting always brought a sense of elation to Becca. It was a freeing experience to just let her legs move her through the wind. However, as she quickly glanced behind her, she noticed that all of the students were still chasing her. “What the fuck,” Becca asked, as she continued to run. Pretty soon, her heart began beating violently against her chest. It was becoming harder for her to control her breath. As she neared her house, she made a left turn in order to prevent the school from knowing where she lived. Jumping over the fences, Becca was astonished by the tenacity of many of the students. This can’t be normal, Becca noted, following that one bitch’s order. After the final gate, she turned around, simply yelling, “Drop dead!” What shocked her was the initial notion. Many of the students that followed her had collapsed in their spots. “Oh, shit,” Becca whispered, “Ohshitohshitohshit!” Rushing to one of the corpses, she tapped the pulse of the nearest one: a skinny girl with an *NSYNC shirt. “Pleasecomeback,” she pleaded, “pleasecomeback.” The girl’s eyes fluttered open. “What the…”, muttered the girl as she began getting up. Glancing at her, she fell upon her back, inching herself away. “Ge…get…get away from me, you freak!” demanded the scared pursuant. With tears in her eyes, Becca began running towards her house.

“Becca, you’re home early,” Julian commented, watching her daughter quickly approach the stoop of their town house. Julian always enjoyed reading the newspaper on their porch. However, Becca ran past her father, ripping the door open and slamming it shut. With watery eyes, she scanned the room. Mom was off at work at the nearest supermarket. Sebastian was at school. Storming up the stairs, Becca slammed her door shut. Lying on the floor, she gripped her hands together, thinking about the horrendous thing that she did. Soon, she heard muffled steps nearing her door. Tap, tap, tap, went the door. This was followed by a, “Rebecca?” “GO AWAY,” demanded the scared child. “Rebecca,” Julian called again, “I need to know why you’re home from school.” Rebecca wiped her tears with her right arm, before she answered, “Fine…come in.” Cautiously, the door was pushed open to reveal a middle-aged man, mocha skinned and ectomorphic in stature, entered the room. “What’s the matter, Becca?” Julian inquired, bending down to inspect his daughter. “It was horrible, Dad,” she screamed back, before she returned to her tears, “Just horrible.” Julian placed his hands on her shoulders. Not firmly, but secure enough for her to realize that he was there to help. Julian calmly prodded, “What happened?” Becca breathed in and out. Shallowly. Slowly.  Steadily. Controlled. “I don’t know, Dad,” Becca started, “I just told a bunch of kids to drop dead, and they…they…” She returned to her sobbing, burying her face in the shoulder. “Becca,” Julian assured, rubbing her back, “It’s all right.” His voice expressed a sense of concern. However, he didn’t let this bleed into his response. “Baby girl,” Julian stated, slightly pushing his daughter away in order for her to face him, “Listen, you’re not going to understand this yet, but…you know the people with powers on television? The…mutants?” Becca nodded, before she pulled back, “Wait…I’m actually…” Julian solemnly nodded, “Yes…that would be my fault.” Standing up, Julian shook his arms gently. “I never showed this to you, because I wanted to give you and Sebastian a normal life.” Lifting his right arm slowly, Julian clasped his hands together. Soon, a bluish-white mist surrounded his hands. As he pulled his hands apart, he revealed a flame that resembled the same color. Directing the flame towards the floor, the flame formed ice upon the hardwood floor of Becca’s floor. Gasping, Becca backed away. Chuckling, Julian answered, “I know. It can be terrifying, if not utilized properly. My gift…because this is what it is. A gift, not a curse…is the ability to change the form of this little flame.” In his hands, he formed another flame. “I could make it really hot,” Julian explained, “Or I could make it…well, that…”At this point, he turned his attention to the ice patch. “Dad…” Becca steadily inquired, “Could you…possibly show me how to…you know…control my… ‘gift’?” Julian folded his arms, answering, “I don’t know…we don’t have the same gifts, per se...” Becca frowned, stating, “Do you know someone who can help? I don’t wanna be a freak forever.” Julian tapped his chin thrice, before he answered, “I could show you how to discipline your gifts.” Becca smiled softly. “Really?” Julian flashed his signature grin. “Absolutely,” he answered.

After this point, Becca coughed twice. Sebastian looked up from his laptop. “Sis?” Sebastian inquired, “Are you all right?” Becca stretched her arms over her head. “Yeah,” she answered, “Just a bit tired.” Sebastian’s heart sank. It wasn’t guaranteed that she was going to survive the night. However, he realized that if he was going to get the formation needed for the eulogy, Rebecca would need all the energy necessary. Sliding the laptop, Sebastian walked over to Becca. Lightly pecking her on the cheek, Sebastian whispered, “Good night, sis.” Becca smiled weakly, “Don’t worry, kid. I’ll be able to give you the info tomorrow. Don’t worry about tonight.” As she got comfortable in her bed, Sebastian turned around and headed to the door. “Hey,” Becca called. Sebastian slightly turned his head. “Yea?” he inquired. “Tell Callie that I said, ‘I love her,’” requested the sickly sister. Sebastian saluted, “I’ll be sure to.” With that, he exited the hospital room, nodding to the nurse. “She’s resting,” he tried to state with a brave smile. Gripping the laptop bag, Sebastian strolled down the Genoshan hallway. She’ll be fine, Sebastian assured himself. Pushing through the hospital doors, he was greeted by a taxi driver. “Where to?” the taxi driver called out from his window. Sliding into the backseat, Sebastian requested, “The nearest hotel room. I’ll send down a phone number for the hospital to call if anything happens.” As the taxi driver pulled off, Sebastian took a peak at the rear view mirror to see the hospital slowly fade out of view. Placing his laptop bag upon his lap, he began tapping along to the song on the radio. “Hey Jude…” the radio crooned, “Don’t make it bad…”

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