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Post by Thea (main) on Fri Mar 11, 2016 7:57 am

Hello all users! We are currently now using HTML code and BB code. This means you can use either 'test' or 'test'. Can't see the second test bolded? This means that you don't have HTML enabled on your profile!

Do this by:

Click 'Welcome [user]' at the top right corner of your screen -> Edit Profile -> Find 'Always Allow HTML' -> Yes -> Save

What can you use HTML code for? Well, we're hoping to have a more organized and pristine look to our site. These codes can be used for making our posts just a little bit better. You do not NEED to switch if you don't want to, but you may notice that some posts might be in HTML code from now on.

Remember, HTML would have <>, and BB would have [] in their codes.

We strongly recommend you to enable HTML for your profile if not done already.

Thank you,
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