Avengers Re-Open/Fantastic Four Consideration

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Would you be interested in a Fantastic Four/Future Foundation roleplay?

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Avengers Re-Open/Fantastic Four Consideration

Post by ネオンスピリット on Fri Mar 11, 2016 7:01 am

Hello users,
As you may have noticed, two announcements are running at the top of the site currently.

The Avengers roleplay is officially being rewritten and reopen.

Currently, the general backstory is as follows:

The last team of Avengers (Steve Rogers, Anthony Stark, Janet Van Dyne, Hank Pym, Thor Odinson, Bruce Banner) are now senior members/supervisors/an operating council. They're currently scouting talent within the SHIELD trainee ranks for new Avengers. Currently, these new recruits will (spiritually) take on the mantle of an Avenger. This is not limited to the roles that the senior members now hold. (An example of this would be Kat Denvers, who spiritually inherits the Wasp title, however operates under the name 'Stinger'.)

In addition, the council is considering a Fantastic Four/Future Foundation roleplay.
Unlike the X-Men (who have a heavy political, and social theme) and the Avengers (who will operate as a general superhero adventure team), the Fantastic Four/Future Foundation will have a wider, more comedic scope. Unlike the previous two listed, space will be a usual setting, and the missions will be a lot more in the spirit of 60s adventure stories.

If you're interested in the Fantastic Four, or Future Foundation, please let us know in the poll.

Thank you,
-- ネオンスピリット

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