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Full name: Hazel Nicole Kuriyama
Alias(es): Zel
Codename: Sparx
Affiliation: X-Men
Nationality: Japanese
Home City/Town: Radcliffe, Kentucky
Date of Birth: 4/2/00 (15)
Religion (if applicable): Christian
Handicaps/Disorders (if applicable): N/A
Medical History (optional): N/A
Known Family:
Jessica Kuriyama (mother)
Ryan Kuriyama (father)
James Kuriyama (older brother)
Mutation: Energy Plasmoids
Sub-Mutations (if applicable): n/a
Description of Abilities: Hazel can create energy globules, varying in power and intensity. The direction and strength are controlled by her, often taking the form in balls, streamers, or other shapes and exploding on-command. These balls of light can also take a color form, which can also temporarily blind or deafen a person if she wished. Hazel is able to reabsorb these orbs without harm.
Limitations/Weaknesses: Her emotions also affect her abilities, sometimes causing her to burst out of control. Her own lights and sounds can deafen her as well if she’s not paying attention.
Skills Outside of Abilities (if applicable):
Hand-to-hand combat
Paraphernalia: None

Face Claim (optional): Hayley Kiyoko
Body Type: Ectomorph
Height: 5’4”
Hair Color: Brown, sometimes with blonde patches
Hair Length/Style: Short
Facial hair (Y/N - Describe): None
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Sensory Aids (Y/N - Describe): None
Skin (wrinkled, smooth, freckled, etc.): Smooth
Ethnicity: Asian
Tattoos (Y/N - Describe): None
Distinguishing Features (scars, birthmarks, etc.): None
Dress Style/Uniform: Casual with 90s influence

History: Hazel was born in Radcliffe, Kentucky, a place where she wasn’t strictly raised. She did learn how to play the piano on her own accord and learned bits and pieces of Mandarin from her parents. Her brother was a major influence for her, being the one who taught her how to fit into society and what was ‘in’. Hazel took up martial arts at a young age, after her brother. This required her to become very flexible and athletic. She was neither smart nor stupid, maintaining an A- average in her classes. Her skills were developed after an encounter with a group of men in an alley, which caused her to freak out and shoot out a burst of light which stunned the men and allowed a frightened Hazel to escape. After staying up at 4 AM playing with small orbs of light, her parents decided it was best to send her to Xavier’s School to cultivate her abilities.
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