Ace West: A Psychology Report

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Ace West: A Psychology Report Empty Ace West: A Psychology Report

Post by Thea (main) on Mon Feb 29, 2016 11:19 pm

Around 50 Years From Now

Ace West was old by this time; most of his features were diminished and ashen. Needless to say; he lost his spunk. Ace West, previously known as 'Ace Westeroni, the Neon Pepperoni' is now 'Ace West, the Somehow Living Pest'. Ace now lives in a returement home, somewhere on the outskirts of New York. His family rarely visits him, claiming to be busy with homework and focusing on their own lives. So, with his stubborn refusal to play chess with the other elderly, he stays in his bland room - part deaf but claims to be "rockin' it."

-- Allison Gryff, an excerpt of a psychology report on Ace West.
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