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Reboot/Plot Announcement Information Empty Reboot/Plot Announcement Information

Post by ネオンスピリット on Mon Feb 29, 2016 1:09 pm

This is an official announcement about the upcoming reboot plot. Provided is a list of changes being made, as well as a loose timeline for reference.

The Plot
Ten years into the future, Eve has taken control of Earth's biosphere, pushing the remaining mutants into hiding, constantly defending their lives. No humans are left.
This will lead the roleplay into the catalyst of the reboot. The entire plot will be set in the 'final' showdown, with the entire team (with the exception of Artemis) being killed. He'll be responsible for resetting the universe.

- Magneto and Xavier are resurrected
- Xavier leads the X-Men
-- Classic X-Men are restored to power; Forming a senior team of X-Men
--- This team consists of: Cyclops, Jean Grey, Storm, Wolverine, Rogue, Gambit, Jubilee, Beast
---- Bobby Drake, Kitty Pryde, Warren Worthington III, and Piotr Rasputin are professors
- Eve reverts to a human
- Artemis Watson is in possession of a Phoenix Force fractal

- X-Force is a rogue squadron employed by Xavier for secret missions
-- This team includes: Wolverine, Psylocke, Warpath

- The Brotherhood replaces The Superiors
-- The Brotherhood is run by Magneto; Supported by Mystique and Sabretooth

- The Morlocks replace The Underground
-- The Morlocks are lead by Callisto

Fantastic Four
- The original team is in place
- The Future Foundation has been established

- The organization is led by Nicholas Fury

- The team operates in the Avengers Tower
- The team is employed by S.H.I.E.L.D. occasionally
- The team is led by a council of 'senior' members
-- This includes: Steve Rogers, Anthony Stark, Janet Van Dyne, Hank Pym, Thor Odinson, Bruce Banner

It should be noted that any minor character changes you'd like to make should be present in another character sheet. A new one has been made, and has replaced the old form in the sticky post.

Major changes will need to be approved by an administrator, after being reviewed by the team. We will alert you as soon as possible with the decision we make.

For example, a change like physical appearance can go without approval. However, the addition of a new ability or skill will most likely have to be reviewed. If your desired change blurs the line between the two (an example would be a second mutation that alters both physical appearance and skillset) it should still be reviewed by an administrator.

Also note that a new set of rules, and a new, in-depth canon guide will be made soon. You may also see some changes to the site as we shift from the original branding to a new design.

- The events of the main roleplay are after*:
-- Matt Murdock's accident
-- Peter Parker's incident
-- Jessica Jones' incident
-- The Fantastic Four incident
-- The establishment of Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters
-- The formation of The Avengers
-- The creation of Ultron
-- The formation of The X-Men
-- The formation of the Fantastic Four
-- The formation of The Defenders
-- The formation of Alpha Flight
-- The formation of Heroes for Hire
-- The establishment of Trask Industries
-- The establishment of the Mutant Response Division
-- The establishment of the Church of Humanity
-- Gwen Stacy's death
-- Reed and Sue Richards' wedding
-- The Phoenix Force's first contact with Earth
-- Secret Wars (original)
-- The Mutant Massacre
-- The Fall of the Mutants
-- Inferno
-- The birth of Nate Summers
-- The X-Tinction Agenda
-- The Infinity Gauntlet
-- Infinity War
-- Maximum Carnage
-- Phalanx Covenant
-- The Clone Saga
-- Scott and Jean Summers' wedding
-- Onslaught (event)
-- Operation: Zero Tolerance
-- The establishment of Alias Investigations
-- Avengers Disassembled
-- House of M
-- Annihilation
-- Secret War
-- Civil War
-- World War Hulk
-- Annihilation: Conquest
-- Messiah CompleX
-- Secret Invasion
-- Messiah War
-- Utopia
-- Necrosha
-- Spider-Island
-- Avengers v. X-Men
*Please note that these are listed in LOOSE canonical order, and will be organized properly soon.

If you have any questions, please contact an administrator with the site's private message function. Or, you can contact the leader directly at:

Thank you for reading.

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