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Post by Leia Lehnsherr on Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:56 am

Full name: Delilah Rose Brace
Alias(s): none
Nickname (if applicable): None
Codename (if applicable): none
Affiliation (check Universe info): X-Men student
Moral alignment: Xavier
Race: Human Mutant
Nationality: American
Home City/Town: New York, NY
Current Age: 16
Date/Time of Birth: 8-22-2021
Date/Time of Death (if applicable): none
Zodiac: Virgo
Religion (if applicable): Raised Catholic
Sicknesses/Diseases (if applicable): none
Medical History (optional): none

Source of Power (Mystic, Mutate, Mutant, or alien): mutant
Power: phasing
Sub-Abilities (if applicable): invisibility
Description of Power(s): Can phase through most things/attacks if she makes a conscious effort; turn invisible
Weaknesses of Power(s): due to her unstable powers, she can sometimes phase on accident and turn invisible on accident
Skills Outside of Abilities (if applicable): none
Other (weapon or magic product): none

Known Family: Lily Brace (mother), Curtis Brace (father)
Famous Relations (if applicable): none
Registered with S.H.I.E.L.D?: yes

Face Claim (a celebrity or model would work fine):  
Body Type: ectomorph
Hair Color: dark brown
Hair Length/Style: loose curl, a little past shoulders
Facial hair(y/n) Length/Style: none
Eye Color: light blue
Glasses/Contacts(y/n) style: none
Skin (wrinkled, smooth, freckled, etc.): smooth
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Tattoos(y/n): none
Distinguishing Features: none
Distinguishing Marks (scars, birthmarks, ect.): none
Dress Style (punk, nerdy, goth, mix, ect.): A bit preppy, bright colors
Gender: female
Accessories: none
Uniform (if applicable): standard X-Men univorm

History (past & leading up to rp): Growing up in a big city made it easy to hide from prying eyes; this is exactly what Delilah did, even before her powers. She grew up with her mom, visiting her dad in California on holidays. Her parents divorced when she was 9, causing a difficult time in her life. Before the event, she had an extrovert, talking to anyone who would listen. After her parents' divorce, however, she began to create a shell for herself. She tried with all her might not to be noticed, even by her parents. When she discovered her powers, when she was 13, it made hiding much easier. If she wanted an easy escape, all she had to do was phase through a wall into another room and go from there. That, however, was the easy part. She could also turn invisible, but that was much more spontaneous. She could never control it. After a few years, though, she ended up gaining better control over both aspects. In the end, however, her mother decided to send her to Xavier's. Besides, she didn't like having a mutant in the house. It wasn't like her father had much a say either, having been cut from her life once she turned 11.
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