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Post by Leia Lehnsherr on Mon Feb 29, 2016 2:45 am

Full name: Annabelle Katherine Talbot
Alias(s): Anna
Nickname (if applicable): Anna, Bellie, Annie (only by her mother)
Codename (if applicable): Annie-mal (No one else goes with this but herself)
Affiliation (check Universe info): Xavier Student
Moral alignment: not distinguished
Race: human mutant
Nationality: American
Home City/Town: Raleigh, NC
Current Age: 13
Date/Time of Birth: 4-14-2002
Date/Time of Death (if applicable): none
Zodiac: Aries
Religion (if applicable): Christian
Sicknesses/Diseases (if applicable): allergic to bee stings
Medical History (optional): Has gotten stung more times than she'd like to admit (required trip to hospital), broken arm, sprained wrist

Source of Power (Mystic, Mutate, Mutant, or alien): Mutant
Power: Animal Transformation 
Sub-Abilities (if applicable): none
Description of Power(s): can transform into any still existing animal
Weaknesses of Power(s): sometimes she can get stuck in an animal form, can only communicate telepathically while in animal form (or by charades but that's beside the point)
Skills Outside of Abilities (if applicable): used to take ballet but that was when she was 5
Other (weapon or magic product): none

Known Family: Jeffery Augustus Talbot (dead, brother), Amy Grace Talbot (mother), Jacob Paul Talbot (father)
Famous Relations (if applicable): none, though she loves to say she's related to the Black Widow
Registered with S.H.I.E.L.D?: yes

Face Claim (a celebrity or model would work fine):
Height: 5'6
Weight: 135
Body Type: average young teen
Hair Color: Bright red
Hair Length/Style: curly, shoulder length
Facial hair(y/n) Length/Style: none
Eye Color: light green
Glasses/Contacts(y/n) style: needs glasses but refuses to wear any or contacts
Skin (wrinkled, smooth, freckled, etc.):  freckled
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Tattoos(y/n): none
Distinguishing Features: none
Distinguishing Marks (scars, birthmarks, ect.): birthmark that goes down back and to collar of neck
Dress Style (punk, nerdy, goth, mix, ect.): casual, nerdy
Gender: female
Accessories: Sometimes a sweatshirt of her past older brother
Uniform (if applicable): standard X-Men uniform

History (past & leading up to rp): Annabelle grew up with her brother Jeffery and her mother and father. They lived in a decent home (two story with three bedrooms and two baths, nice kitchen); they were pretty much an average middle class family. Jeffery and Anna went to public school in their home town of Raleigh, North Carolina. Anna was pretty nerdy, yet was well liked due to her loud and friendly attitude. That friendliness ended at school, though. At home, she was a typical little sister. She would constantly annoy her older brother to the point where he'd have to lock his door to get away from her. Their parents found it amusing, yet at some point they usually had to step in. Average, though, didn't last for long. When Anna was around 11, her brother had discovered he was a mutant (he was 13). It had been a scary night. Their parents had rushed him to the hospital, not knowing why their son was now a thing of slime. It'd be scary to any parent. You wouldn't imagine their surprise when, two years later, Anna had discovered she was a mutant herself. Magic trick gone wrong, you could say. Fluffy bunnies shouldn't be the ones to be pulling something out of the hat. After both of them had become mutants, their parents took them out of public school and started searching for a safer place for them. Their parents understood that, with all the controversy, their kids had a high chance of being in danger while in public. That's how they ended up at Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. Jeffery and Anna's parents registered them with the school, believing they'd be much safer, while still being able to train their powers.
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