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Full name: Nikolina Konstantinova Maximoff
Alias(s): Electronix
Nickname (if applicable): Nicole, Nova
Codename (if applicable): Electronix
Affiliation (check Universe info): X-Men
Moral alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Mutant
Nationality: American
Home City/Town: Brooklyn, NY
Current Age: 19
Date/Time of Birth: August 28, 1996
Date/Time of Death (if applicable): Unknown
Zodiac: Leo
Religion (if applicable): None
Sicknesses/Diseases (if applicable): Allergic to cats
Medical History (optional): None

Source of Power (Mystic, Mutate, Mutant, or alien): Mutant
Power: Electromagnetic Generation and Absorption
Sub-Abilities (if applicable):
Super-conductive Electromagnetism
Electromagnetic Field Generation
Electromagnetic Levitation
Wavelength Tuning
Electronic Displays/Constructs
Description of Power(s):
Electromagnetic Gen. - Electronix’s main or base ability is that of bodily producing and manipulating raw electromagnetic energy. Similar to how the brain produces electrical impulses, Electronix's entire body produces enough electromagnetic energy. She can only produce a finite amount of energy at a time, and several of her attacks drain a large amount of energy, so she has the ability to drain power from other sources to recharge herself if needed.
Super-conductive Electromagnetism - Electronix can recognize and sense any and all objects that are and can be effected by electromagnetic manipulation; she can also sense source of electromagnetic energy.
Electromagnetic Field Generation - This lets her create electromagnetic and electro-static force fields that repel damage and keep her safe in combat. Her fields are strong enough to take repeated hits from superhumanly strong opponents.
Electromagnetic Levitation - Electronix can give most objects a charge and cause them to float freely; she can then direct them with her powers and use them as improvised weapons, projectiles, transportation or anything else that would benefit her at the moment. Metals are the easiest to manipulate, while non-conductive materials like wood are impossible.
Wavelength Tuning - She can listen in on police frequencies, radio stations; she can even make phone calls and broadcast her voice through speakers as long as she has something as a medium.
Electrokinesis - The energy that Electronix generates can then be manipulated and projected into the world in a variety of different ways. This includes displays, uses for attack and defense, and even manipulation.
Electronic Displays/Constructs - Electronix can supercharge ions and form actual letters and pictures for display. She often shoots her insignia into the sky when showboating and can call for help with an electrical SOS. With more energy output, she can form basic constructs such as nets, cages and the like that actually have substance. All of her constructs and displays gradually lose power and fade away unless she continuously puts energy into them.
Weaknesses of Power(s): One of Electronix's main weaknesses is that she has a finite amount of energy at any given time, and this gets drained at differing rates depending on what she's doing. Even if she goes into a fight fully charged, her energy may be sapped within minutes depending on the severity of the brawl and what techniques she has to use. If she runs out of energy and has nothing to charge herself with, she's just a normal gal and fully vulnerable to all harmful things.
Since she generates electromagnetic fields like the Earth and the Sun; her powers are tied into those same fields. For example, if there happens to be a particularly powerful sunspot, her powers could amplify one-hundred fold, or diminish to near nothing. There's no way to guess just how she'll react to situations like that.
Being an electromagnetic energy generator, Electronix's main enemy is water. Water in and of itself doesn't affect her, but water in large enough quantities does. So while she's just fine in a storm, if a hydrokinetic blasts her, or she falls into a body of water, or if she's even hit with a water hydrant or fire hose, her powers go on the fritz. Most times enough water at once will completely short her powers out until she can dry off and recharge.
She also has no defense or way around non-conductive objects or insulated objects like rubber or wood. The only way she can affect these is with the most straightforward application of her powers by blasting or hitting them.
Skills Outside of Abilities (if applicable):
Tactical Analysis
Other (weapon or magic product):

Known Family:
None KNOWN, was put up for adoption since birth.
However, she is related to:
Ken Maximoff (brother), Ally Bishop (sister), Leia Maximoff (aunt), Wanda Maximoff (aunt), Pietro Maximoff (father)
Famous Relations (if applicable): Quiksilver, Magneto, Scarlet Witch
Registered with S.H.I.E.L.D?: Yes

Face Claim (a celebrity or model would work fine): Shelley Hennig
Body Type: Ectomorph
Hair Color: Light brown
Hair Length/Style: A lob
Facial hair(y/n) Length/Style: None
Eye Color: Brown
Glasses/Contacts(y/n) style:
Skin (wrinkled, smooth, freckled, etc.): Smooth
Ethnicity: White
Tattoos(y/n): Yes, a fast-forward sign in the small of her back.
Distinguishing Features: None
Distinguishing Marks (scars, birthmarks, ect.): None
Dress Style (punk, nerdy, goth, mix, ect.): Casual
Gender: Female
Accessories: None
Uniform (if applicable): Her suit consists of a blue leather jacket with a black t-shirt underneath and dark black pants, accompanied by fingerless gloves. It's constructed of very durable "smart fabric”, having several pockets sewn into it's inner lining for storage, and can be compressed down to the point where it fits inside a customized 5" canister. Electronix is able to generate a flat screen holograph projection from her suit that he mainly uses to communicate with teammates and other people. However the holographic interface can also be used to display information like a traditional computer/tv screen. The Interface can be split into multiple viewing windows so Electronix can multi-task like talking to someone and data mining at the same time. She can also input system commands with hand movements and a holographic keyboard. The size of the interface can be changed at will, and it can even be switched to a 3D mode that helps show things like building blueprints or environmental data. That said, she has a wifi-receiver built into it for use in anywhere with a signal. With running a low voltage charge into her suit, she can generate an electrical interference to security systems and cameras. The mask Electronix wears is more than just to conceal her identity and show off her insanely good fashion sense. Woven into the inside of the mask is Heads-Up Display that is viewed through thin, yet tough and damage resistant plastic lenses. This HUD shows Electronix useful information on her environment and similar things; it can even be viewed through the holographic projector on her uniform for others.
History (past & leading up to RP): Nova grew up in Brooklyn, New York, where she stayed in a foster home or on the streets. She never questioned her heritage, figuring they didn’t want her anyways. She was too awkward to ever be adopted, so Nova often took it to the streets and ran away from foster homes. Nova was later brought back to the police after often being caught robbing stores. After finding a skateboard at the age of 10, she used that as a method of transportation. Her abilities began to form around being 11 ½ , in which she first nearly blew up a scrapyard. After many late-night ventures, she developed her skill and began to practice it. Nova grew a fondness to technology soon after this. For the following years during her adolescence, she obtained skills in reverse-engineering and mastering her abilities. Upon hearing the mutant riots, Nova initially decided Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters be the worst place for her to be. At this point, her skills were reaching adept, and she took a train to Bayville, New York.
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