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Post by honestly on Fri Feb 26, 2016 5:16 am

Full name: Natalia Nielson
Alias(es): Talia
Codename: N/A
Affiliation: X-Men
Nationality: American
Home City/Town: Sacramento, California
Date of Birth: August 30th, 1998
Religion: Christianity
Medical History:
Known Family:
-Henry Nielson
-Talia Nielson

Mutation: Chlorokinesis
-Pheromone Control (Animals)
Description of Abilities: Katherine has the ability to control and manipulate nature/plant life. Under this, she has the ability to deliberately plant or animal based toxins, making any skin to skin contact deadly. She also has the ability to control her pheromone level, giving a key part in seduction.
-Vulnerability to darkness
Skills Outside of Abilities:
-Enhanced Agility
Equipment: TBA

Face Claim:
Body Type: Mesomorphic
Hair Color: Black/Dark Brown
Hair Length/Style: Afro
Facial hair (Y/N - Describe): N
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Sensory Aids (Y/N - Describe): N
Skin (wrinkled, smooth, freckled, etc.): Smooth
Ethnicity: African-American
Tattoos (Y/N - Describe): Y -
Distinguishing Features: N
Dress Style/Uniform:
-Gold blazer, windbreaker, sweater.
-White collarless or small-collared blouse or white turtleneck, collar not to extend over the blazer lapel or the sweater, windbreaker or jacket
-Black dress Pants
-Skin-tone seamless hose
-Black shoes

History: Natalia spent most of her life in Sacramento California. Her father and mother divorced when she was 16, which spiked her abilities. Overtime, between herself and her father’s national business, her father couldn’t handle her and her “mutations” any longer. It was up to question if she would be sent to live with her mother, but knowing her situation, Natalia was given another option. She was sent to Xavier’s Reformatory for Troubled Youngsters to better understand and control her abilities.

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