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Post by ネオンスピリット on Wed Feb 10, 2016 10:30 am

Full name: Artemis Watson
Alias(es): Marvel, Psyche
Nickname (if applicable): Arty
Codename (if applicable): N/A
Affiliation (check Universe info): Independent (Occasionally partnered with X-Men)
Moral alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Mutant
Nationality: American
Home City/Town: Annandale-on-Hudson, New York
Current Age: 20
Date/Time of Birth: 5/17/95
Date/Time of Death (if applicable): N/A
Zodiac: Taurus
Religion (if applicable): N/A (undefined)
Sicknesses/Diseases (if applicable):
Medical History (optional): Brief psychiatric treatment

Source of Power (Mystic, Mutate, Mutant, or alien): Mutant
Power: Psionic Manipulation
Sub-Abilities (if applicable):
-Astral Projection
Description of Power(s): While having the potential to master all mental abilities, Artemis's training was cut short when he left the team. Thus, his ability list is short, though his power is considerable. He's able to manipulate his own mind--Manifesting mental energy for various purposes.
Weaknesses of Power(s): Artemis is not only limited in his application, but if he overuses his abilities, he risks headaches, fatigue, and possibly loss of consciousness.
Skills Outside of Abilities (if applicable): Professional Traditional Artist
Other (weapon or magic product): None
Known Family:
- Father (Charles Watson; Age 49 - Deceased)
- Mother (Laura Watson; Age 37 - Deceased)
- Brother (Apollo Watson; Age 19)
Famous Relations (if applicable): N/A
Registered with S.H.I.E.L.D?: Y

Face Claim (a celebrity or model would work fine): Chris Colfer
Body Type: Ectomorph
Hair Color: Auburn
Hair Length/Style: Short, unkempt
Facial hair(y/n) Length/Style: N
Eye Color: Green
Glasses/Contacts(y/n) style: Y; Transparent Contact lenses
Skin (wrinkled, smooth, freckled, etc.): Smooth, with faint freckles
Ethnicity: Caucasian-American
Tattoos(y/n: N
Distinguishing Features: N/A
Distinguishing Marks (scars, birthmarks, ect.): Burn scar along right arm, starting at shoulder
Dress Style (punk, nerdy, goth, mix, ect.): Casual, hints of grunge
Accessories: Bag has an X-Men uniform belt buckle pinned to the strap; Wears a phoenix locket found in an abandoned room
Uniform (if applicable): N/A

History (past & leading up to rp): Artemis had joined the X-Men early in life, having passed training at fifteen. He'd taken the name Marvel, as a reference to 'Marvel Girl', referencing the similarity in their abilities. Around this time, he'd formed a close friendship with three of his teammates in particular. Eventually, he started a relationship with one of them, which had lasted until an unexpected mission, where the X-Men had been forced to fight against a random selection of mutants in a 'game show'. In their escape, Artemis was crucial in keeping the team protected as they passed through the hazards guarding the only exit. However, in the aftermath, he was left wounded, with his partner dying in his arms. After an attempt at getting help from the school, he left, his newly-developed mental instability proving too hazardous for him to continue, especially considering the nature of his abilities. He'd practically been forgotten soon after, shutting everyone he'd previously been associated out of his life entirely.

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