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Rules of the Site

Post by Leia Lehnsherr on Wed Feb 10, 2016 6:30 am

Character Sheets/Limits*:
Ensure you are using the character sheet that is the first thread of the character sheet submission section. You will receive a reply within 48 hours if your sheet has been ACCEPTED or DENIED. You may not post as that character until you have been ACCEPTED.

As a new member, you are also limited to two characters for your first forty posts. After every 20 posts (at least 3 sentences in length), you're allowed another 2 characters until you reach eight, the limit for beginning players.

Roleplay Rules:
1. A major rule we have for the roleplay is no power playing. This means don't think that just because your character has superpowers means that your character is a god.
2. Another rule, more of a pet-peeve for most, is to have good grammar. Now, we understand that some of you are younger or are from different countries, but using proper grammar and spelling to the best of your abilities is preferred. This means no "text talk"; it's like writing a book just with other people.
3. Unless your character's power warrants it, do NOT control other people's characters without their permission. This includes, but is not limited to: Killing other characters, dealing life-threatening damage to other characters, basic controlling as in answering for them, ect. If you attack one character, it is up to that person to decide whether their character dodges or is hurt by the attack.
4. The end of rule three brings us to another rule: Your character, again, is NOT a god. You cannot dodge every single attack thrown at you. This also means that not every attack you deal out lands a hit.
5. While we do prefer that you have one character in a primary faction, it's not entirely necessary. However, if you don't have one in a protagonist role, you must have one with an antagonist role.
7. When creating a character, you must make it your own. This isn't saying you can't have the same powers as one of your favorite superheros/characters, but you can't make an exact copy of that character.
8. No character with a god complex unless specifically approved by the admins of the site for a plot.

9. Don't create a character just to kill them. It's a waste of our time as well as yours and is a waste of a character's power.
10. Try to be realistic. For example, unless your character has advanced reflexes, super senses, and/or super strength, you can't rip a guy's arm off who's behind you and strangling. Just try not to break the laws of nature. 
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