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Post by Nikolina Konstantinova on Wed Feb 10, 2016 4:12 am

Full name: Eileen Chloe Aldrin
Nickname (if applicable): Ellie
Codename (if applicable): Radiant
Affiliation (check Universe info): X-Men
Morals: Lawful Neutral
Race: White
Nationality: American
Home City/Town: Los Angeles, CA
Current Age: 17
Date/Time of Birth: February 14, 1998
Date/Time of Death (if applicable): N/A
Zodiac: Aries
Religion (if applicable): N/A
Sicknesses/Diseases (if applicable): Previously allergic to sunlight.
Medical History (optional): N/A

Source of Power (Mystic, Mutate, Mutant, or alien): Mutant
Power: Light Conversion
Sub-Abilities (if applicable):
Light Manipulation
Energy Projection
Enhanced Strength
Enhanced Healing Factor
Description of Power(s):
Ellie has the ability to convert sunlight into a type of biological energy, which is converted into a plasma-based substance that courses through her bloodstream, that, once metabolized, reacts with her body’s cells in different ways. Most prominently, it manifests a radiant glow through her skin. However, the converted energy can enhance her strength and healing through rapid cell generation. Using available light, she can manipulate the particles to launch her into the air. The energy she converts can also be projected as circular balls of energy to explode on impact.
Weaknesses of Power(s):
Complete isolation from light prohibits her from gaining any more energy to use for her abilities. Therefore, she will be able to use the current energy that she has, but will no longer obtain a source of power in isolation.
She is still vulnerable to pain. Her healing is at 25% accelerated rate than the average humans, meaning Ellie can still die from bleeding out or other causes.
Her strength only allows her to lift up to 1000 lbs.
Without enough energy, she is unable to use flight nor her energy projection as a way to preserve the energy Ellie has converted.
Skills Outside of Abilities (if applicable):
Extremely intelligent in Bio-Chemistry.
Other (weapon or magic product): N/A
Known Family:
Kelly Aldrin (Mother)
Francis Aldrin (brother; faceclaim: Nathaniel Buzolic)
Paul Aldrin (Father)
Famous Relations (if applicable): N/A
Registered with S.H.I.E.L.D?: Yes
Face Claim (a celebrity or model would do fine): Caitlin Stasey
Body Type: Ectomorph
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 116 lbs
Hair Color: Light Brown
Hair Length/Style: Pixie Cut
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skin (wrinkled, smooth, freckled, ect.): Smooth
Ethnicity: White
Distinguishing Features: N/A
Distinguishing Marks (scars, birthmarks, ect.): N/A
Dress Style (punk, nerdy, goth, mix, ect.): Casual
Uniform (if applicable): N/A
History (past & leading up to rp):
Ellie was allergic to sunlight, developed when she was around the age of 5. Since then, she lived under “house-arrest” until her X-Gene was activated at age 15. Her parents, owning a pharmaceutical company, initially attempted to find a cure for her allergy. Once her powers developed, however, she ran away due to her parents selfish experimentations in an effort to release more information to others interested in mutants. She soon found shelter in secluded school in Bayville, New York.
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